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Band : Noir de Soul

Bilder: Recording Studio B Stuttgart

Soul/Jazz/Hip-Hop live band

Noir De Soul is a Stuttgart based international Soulful/Jazzy/Hip-Hop live band with musicians such as producer and rapper Two Point Owe (South Africa). German trumpet player Robert Giegling, French keyboard player Jerome Dupont, bass player Terrance Rhodes from Chicago, and drummer Clarence Everett from North Carolina. They joined forces while creating the video for Two Point Owe's track "A Lil' Bit Of Soul". They create their own songs starting with samples collected and flipped by Two Point Owe. Noir De Soul brings a live soulful and jazzy hip-hop experience, smooth and strong, with some dope beats and lyrics.

Al Zoya : Vocals | Clarence Everett: Drums | Terrance Rhodes: Bass | Jérôme Dupont: Keyboard | Robert Giegling: trumpet, synth Hole

Studio B TonstudioThomas Banse  | Tunnelstraße 14A  | 70469 Stuttgart  | mobil   0174 66 89 118

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